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I have C++ application and C#(WPF) application.
I would like to open a shared memory region between them, so both of them can Read/Write from/to this region. Of course i have to syncronize the memory access some how.

Is it possible?
Updated 27-Jun-13 3:07am
pasztorpisti 27-Jun-13 10:33am    
Dealing with shared memory is quite dangerous and error prone - its like multithreaded programming, just a bit more difficult. Whenever possible I always consider using a streamed IPC communication method instead of shared memory (for example sockets). Sockets are my favorite because its so easy to use to interconnect different kind of systems/languages with it (not to mention that its quite easy to run the two processes on separate machines!). Of course depending on your problem to solve sockets may not be a viable option but really consider using simpler IPC than shared memory whenever possible.
[no name] 27-Jun-13 21:19pm    
Excellent advice.

This looks promising: "Sharing Files and Memory"[^] at MSDN.
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