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I have imported a data into excel sheet. I want to make my imported data up to date by refreshing data. At this step, Dialogbox will show and ask user to select the file which I want to refresh and I have to choose a file for refreshing and click "Import" Button. but I dont want user see the path file. Thus I create a command button for user to refresh the data. My question is what is the query to make this process run autometically
Maciej Los 27-Jun-13 4:25am    
What have you done so far? Where are you stuck? What version of MS Excel?

1 solution

It's simple ;)

Steps to do:
1) Go to Code window (ALT+F11)
2) Insert new UserForm (use Insert->UserForm menu)
3) Add:
- ListBox (at the top of UserForm area)
- 2 Buttons (one for Cancel action and one for OK action)
4) Set UserForm properties:
- Caption = "Select file..."
5) Set ListBox properties:
- BackColor = &H8000000F& (Button Face)
- BorderStyle = fmBorderStyleNone
- ListStyle = fmListStyleoption
- MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectSingle
- SpecialEffect = fmSpecialEffectFlat
6) Set Button1 properties:
- Name = CmdCancel
- Caption = "Cancel"
- Cancel = True
7) Set Button2 properties:
- Name = CmdOK
- Caption = "OK"
8) Copy and paste below code to UserForm1 module:
Option Explicit

Private Sub CmdCancel_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub CmdOK_Click()

MsgBox "Selected file: '" & Me.ListBox1.Value & "'", vbInformation, "Information..."

Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim i As Integer

With Me.ListBox1
    .ColumnCount = 2
    .ColumnWidths = .Width - 24 & ";0" '
    .BoundColumn = 2
    For i = 1 To 3
        .AddItem ""
        .Column(0, .ListCount - 1) = "ShortFileName_" & i
        .Column(1, .ListCount - 1) = "FullFileName_" & i
    Next i
End With

End Sub

9) Inside ImportButton_Click event add this line:

10) Test it!
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