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Hello All
I Have a Table With Structure

Employee_Id int
EmpName Varchar(500)
SeniorId in

The Data Like This

Employee_Id EmpName SeniorId
1 A 0
2 B 1
3 C 2
4 D 3
5 E 0
6 F 5
7 G 6

I want all the Employees Under Any Any Employee in a hierarchical manner
For Ex. Under A -> B,C,D
Under B -> C,D
Under E -> F,G

Please Help me in Writing Sql Query in Sql Server.

Updated 27-Jun-13 1:38am
[no name] 27-Jun-13 5:37am
How B,C,D coming under A dear??
I thing it should be under A ->A,E

any ways chill:
your solution :

select t2.Employee_Id as Employee, as Senior_Name from Employees t1 left join Employees t2 on t1.Employee_Id=t2.Senior

result will be

Employee_id Senoir
1 B

as per your requirement.
Umashankar Yadav 27-Jun-13 6:06am
Sir,it will give all the data with the senior name but i have to refine it.
Suppose i have interned Employee_Id=1 then Result Should be B,C,D and if Employee_Id=2 then Result Should be C,D
[no name] 27-Jun-13 6:11am
hmm.. get this done in your front end logic.
you can use list,array,hash tables .etc for the same....
Umashankar Yadav 27-Jun-13 6:18am
i am able to refine it up lo one level by providing t2.Employee_Id, But i need data in Sub-tree format.
Umashankar Yadav 27-Jun-13 7:10am
Help Plz
[no name] 27-Jun-13 7:23am
first of all bind your data in List.
then use foreach (for each Senoir) .Then you can display it anywhere.
and further you have to apply your sense coding..
Because its not clear that where you want to display it.
Thanks To All For Helping Me. Here is a Code To Get Employee Connected Directly or Indirectly by a Senior.

with  CTE as ( select  Employee_Id     
        from    Employee
        where   SeniorId  = @Employee_Id
        union all
        select  child.Employee_Id       
        from    Employee child
        join    CTE parent
        on      child.SeniorId = parent.Employee_Id
Select * from Emplyee Where Employee_Id in (select  * from    CTE)

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