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How to fix this error??
"Failed to convert parameter value from a Double to a DateTime."

This is my Code

//setting procedure properties
procedureName = "Add_tbloutboundInvoiceDetails";
cmdType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@InvoiceNo", SqlDbType.Int));//0
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@H", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 50));//1
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@value", SqlDbType.Decimal));//2
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@ExchangeRate", SqlDbType.Decimal));//3
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@HAWBamount", SqlDbType.Decimal));//4
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@HAWBAmountLKR", SqlDbType.Decimal));//5
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@Discountamount ", SqlDbType.Decimal));//6
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@DisType", SqlDbType.Int));//7
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@CurrencyType", SqlDbType.VarChar,(10)));//8
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@InvoiceDatetime",SqlDbType.DateTime));//9
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@fuel",SqlDbType.Decimal));//10
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@Invoicecode", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 30));//11
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@InvoiceTotal", SqlDbType.Decimal));//12
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@compCode", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 30));//13
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@CreateUserID", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 30));//14
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@Status", SqlDbType.Int));//15

//Inserting data through stored procedure
parameters[0].Value = 0;//0
parameters[1].Value = DropDownh.SelectedValue.ToString().Replace("'", "''");//1
parameters[2].Value = Double.Parse(txtvalue.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''"));//2
parameters[3].Value = Double.Parse(txtexchage.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''"));//3
parameters[4].Value = Double.Parse(txtUSD.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''"));//4
parameters[5].Value = Double.Parse(txtLKR.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''"));//5
parameters[6].Value = Double.Parse(txtfuel0.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''"));//6
parameters[7].Value = DropDiz.SelectedValue.ToString().Replace("'", "''");//7
parameters[8].Value = "USD";//8
DateTime DateTime1 = DateTime.Now;
parameters[9].Value = DateTime1.ToString();//DateStampLabel.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''"); //9
parameters[10].Value = "0.00";//10
parameters[11].Value = "N/A";//11
parameters[12].Value = "0.00";//12
parameters[13].Value = LblcompCode.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''");//13
parameters[14].Value = LbluserName.Text.Trim().Replace("'", "''");//14
parameters[15].Value = 0;//15

Boolean status1 = Common.executeProcedure(procedureName, cmdType, parameters);

[edit]indexation changed to improve readability[/edit]
Updated 28-Jun-13 7:14am
Member 9581488 27-Jun-13 16:25pm    
Post your stored procedure as well. Are you trying to insert any value which is of datatype double and you pass it as DateTime?

First off, use AddWithValue - it makes it a lot clearer:
parameters.AddWithValue("@InvoiceNo", 0);
parameters.AddWithValue("@H",DropDownh.SelectedValue.ToString().Replace("'", "''"));
parameters.AddWithValue("@value", Double.Parse(txtvalue.Text.Trim()));
Then, don't convert DateTime to string:
parameters.AddWithValue("@InvoiceDatetime", DateTime.Now);
And assuming your database columns are right, it should all work ok.
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[no name] 27-Jun-13 10:31am    
My data table,
@InvoiceNo int,
@H varchar(50),
@value Numeric ( 18,2),
@ExchangeRate Numeric ( 18,2),
@HAWBamount Numeric ( 18,2),
@HAWBAmountLKR Numeric ( 18,2),
@Discountamount Numeric ( 18,2),
@DisType int,
@CurrencyType varchar(10),
@InvoiceDatetime datetime,
@fuel Numeric ( 18,2),
@Invoicecode varchar(50),
@InvoiceTotal Numeric ( 18,2),
@compCode varchar(30),
@CreateUserID varchar(20),
OriginalGriff 27-Jun-13 10:53am    
If you convert to AddWithValue do you still get an error?
[no name] 27-Jun-13 11:20am    
I think there is null coming somehow in your double variable ,if it so then it will not convert into datetime. It is my assumption only
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