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What i want is to get identity column value from database on my web application page, and i have created a stored procedure and declare E_ID as output and also set it as scope_Identity(). my aim is when user inserts data other than E_ID (as E_ID is identity column and generates automatically), Automatically generated E_ID popup on webpage that say ur empid is< E_IdD that is generated>. for that my stored procedure is :
ALTER procedure [dbo].[spuserdetails]
@Name varchar(50),
@DOB datetime,
@Age int=null,
@Address1 varchar(70),
@phone int,
@Country varchar(50) = null,
@States Varchar(50) = null,
@City varchar(50) = null,
@E_ID int Out
insert into userdetails(Name,DOB,Addr,phn,Country,States,City )
values (@Name,@DOB , @Address1 , @phone , @Country, @States, @City )


how can i do what i want ?
ZurdoDev 28-Jun-13 10:04am    
I don't follow. What exactly are you trying to do? It appears that the title of your message and the the description don't quite match.
Mahesh Bailwal 28-Jun-13 10:13am    
Share your ASP.Net code from where you are making call to this SP.

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