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Like we can keep displaying a message by writing a messagebox statement in a timer control event. Same way i want to keep copying a file(text file) to another location until a timer is not stopped by the user. I can copy/move file successfully but i want to continue copying. Its a windows application in
[no name] 28-Jun-13 10:09am
Okay.... and the actual problem is....?
Mahesh Bailwal 28-Jun-13 10:10am
You can use timer control for that also, is there any problem in that?

1 solution

you could try something like this:

int i = 0;
var timer = new Timer();
timer.Interval = 500;
timer.Tick += delegate {
//Creates a simple .txt file
System.IO.File.Create(/*sample path+filename*/ @ "c:\myfile" + i.ToString();+".txt");
//appends the text to the .txt file. first parameter: file, where you append the text,
//second parameter: define which text you want to append
System.IO.File.AppendAllText(@ "c:\myfile" + i.ToString();,
File.ReadAllText(/*sample path+filename*/@"c:\file_you_want_to_copy");

//increase the integer to create another file next time.
Pankaj Mahor 28-Jun-13 11:24am
Any other way to do it?
BiteForce 28-Jun-13 11:30am
System.IO.File.Copy(string, string);
BiteForce 28-Jun-13 11:31am
I forgot, that this method also exists, sorry.
Pankaj Mahor 28-Jun-13 11:58am
How to use it?
BiteForce 30-Jun-13 11:10am
System.IO.File.Copy([the file to copy], [the destination file]);
both parameters are strings.

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