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Is it possible to develop a VB.NET application to send SMS via way2sms or 160by2?

Updated 28-Aug-17 1:17am

It is 100% Possible

To use bulk SMS API from various providers Try following...
I am using the same....[^]

Dim sURL As String
Dim objReader As StreamReader
sURL = "" & lstsmsph.Items.Item(i) & "&msg=" & txtsmstext.Text
Dim sResponse As WebRequest
sResponse = WebRequest.Create(sURL)
Dim objStream As Stream
objStream = sResponse.GetResponse.GetResponseStream()
objReader = New StreamReader(objStream) 'Final Response

Hope It helps !
AnnuBhai 29-Jun-13 7:49am
Thanx for rply

but wht kind of pakages import for WebRequest,StreamReader
AnnuBhai 29-Jun-13 7:58am
Wht is UID
and Phone No

plz explian me

Phone means sender or reciever persons

and UID?????????
AnnuBhai 29-Jun-13 8:01am
the link u gave me that output is -1 on d browser
you need to import and

Uid is your username and phone is number to whom you want to send sms.

Visit the given link for more info
AnnuBhai 29-Jun-13 8:27am
actually this is not working
i have 2 that is Error Sending Message

sooo wht is d next steps
jenitshah 29-Jun-13 9:29am
Check the connection string and its parameters properly. How It doesnt work, Currently I have embeded this API in larger School Management System, They are sending about 300 SMSs Per day using different operators using the same API.
kishan dhingani 29-Jun-13 8:53am
ya it's not working proper...
jenitshah 29-Jun-13 9:30am
What is the error code in your case?
AnnuBhai 29-Jun-13 9:34am
AnnuBhai 29-Jun-13 9:34am
error sending sms
jenitshah 29-Jun-13 9:41am
Which operator u r using? Way2sms, ultoo, fullonsms are not working. Better u use Site2sms, I have tested its work just now and verified twice it works well with site2sms

verify ur string using msgbox : pwd=9876543210&phone=9876543210&msg=your msg
AnnuBhai 1-Jul-13 0:14am
It work thanx u a lot

now i just want to know
now how to i maintance replay means on which object use for maintaing replay
this answer how to get
jenitshah 1-Jul-13 5:17am
objreader is the response from the server. Now simply put it in select case block for different responses and set appropriate msgboxes.
AnnuBhai 8-Jul-13 13:13pm
actuaaly its shows now page not found
my internet connection also correct
and parametr also correctly pass
AnnuBhai 8-Jul-13 13:15pm
Its show 404 error
AnnuBhai 8-Jul-13 13:14pm
in site2sms i have account
actully it work on 1 july
now its not work
if any problem
plzz rply me sir
jenitshah 8-Jul-13 21:29pm
we cant do anymore than watch n wait in the case of page not found, it would be the
problem from server side... After you send around 20 sms, site2sms will block ur service for that day, as a solution i have added listbox having more providers like site2sms. When a limit ends, you can send through next one.
AMOL0358 15-Jul-15 17:10pm
respected sir,
I have created an account on site2sms but while I try to send sms it gives an error as
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
use the 'new' keyword to create an object instance.
please help me for this.
thanks in advance.

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