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Hi ,

I'm writing a user control for my c# application using VS2012 . When I'm adding another windows forms application project to same solution which I created the user control , the user control is showing up on the toolbox window and user control is working fine.But when I create individual project and add reference to .dll file I could not load the user control to toolbox.When I try to add the following message is showing :

"There are no component in <.dll path> that can be placed on the toolbox".

but actually there is a user control inside that dll .

What could be the possible problem ? please help ...
Updated 6-Dec-16 4:22am

I've solved it at last :D

The problem was my dll file haven't a strong name.

I followed these links to solve this problem

First I created a new user control[^]

Then I looked into the following link to add my control to toolbox window[^]

From that link I learned that I should Install my control assembly to the Global Assembly Cache

To add to global assembly cache I need to assign a strong name to the dll[^]

I did that and solved my problem ...
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Add the dll, reference it
Compile the project
Save the solution and restart visual studio
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Jackson K T 1-Jul-13 0:51am    
I tried this before posting this question.Not working :( ...

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