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I am currently working with visual studio 2010 and MS access DB. i ahve installed crystal reports 2008. I use windows forms and a crystal reports viewer control in it. On a button click i want to show a report from database in a crystal reports viewer. But i encounter the following error message.

Crystal Reports Viewer
Failed to load database information.
Details: The database connector 'crdb_p2bbnd.dll' could not be loaded. The correct version of the database client for this database type might not be installed.

here is the code

string connetionString = null;
           OleDbConnection cnn;
           DataTable OledbDt = new DataTable("Table Name from the database");
           OleDbDataAdapter OleDbAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter();
           string sql = null;
           connetionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=XXXXX.mdb;";
           sql = "select * from Table name from the database";
           cnn = new OleDbConnection(connetionString);
               OleDbAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(sql,cnn);
               ReportDocument rptDoc = new ReportDocument();
               my rpt file name abc = new my rpt file name();
               crystalReportViewer2.ReportSource = abc;
           catch (Exception ex)


i searched my entire system but i coudn't find the dll to be added here. i googled out the error message but got reuslts with there is no such dll. kindly help me out with this issue as soon as possible. Many Thanks in advance
Updated 23-Aug-20 7:39am

Add the <startup> code below code under the <configuration> element in your app.config

<startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true"></startup>
I once encountered this error on my Windows 7 machine and it was resolved after I installed .Net Framework 4.5 on the machine.
CHill60 24-Aug-20 5:12am
Somehow I don't think that would have worked back in July 2014

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