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i am Using TabControl in My Project, i want Hide TabControl Headers only not in Whole Tab,

any Solution is there
Updated 3-Sep-20 6:47am
Meysam Tolouee 1-Jul-13 17:52pm
You must explain more about your issue to gain the best solution.


I use the first answer, plus the deletion of the tab text.

tabControl1.Appearance = TabAppearance.FlatButtons;
tabControl1.ItemSize = new Size(0, 1);
tabControl1.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed;

foreach (TabPage tab in tabControl1.TabPages)
    tab.Text = "";

After that i use a treeview to select each tab, like a "configuration form style".
MrGenie 27-Sep-16 5:44am
I don't think this is a nice solution as you'll get a big border around your control.
Member 14131805 24-Oct-20 10:43am
very good idea!!!! thank very much!!!
I Finded the Solutions

Solution is

Maintab.Appearance = TabAppearance.FlatButtons; Maintab.ItemSize = new Size(0, 1); Maintab.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed;
Ajeet Kumar 9-Oct-19 7:01am
Have also tried on design time. but using code is a good idea.
MCS_Erik 11-Feb-20 4:41am
Just wanna say 'Thank you!'. Works great!
If you are using Windows Forms, the only way to hide a single tab page is to remove it from the TabPages collection of the Tabs control. There is no .Visible attribute that works on Tab Pages. If you are using WPF I think there are ways to do it, but I don't know what framework you are using.
Meysam Tolouee 1-Jul-13 17:50pm
I think you didn't read the question carefully. vijay79041384 didn't ask a solution for hiding a TabPage, but the TabPage's header. did S/He?

private void TabItemControl_MouseEnter(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
 if (this.TabItemControl.IsSelected == false) { this.TabItemControl.Opacity = 100;}

private void TabItemControl_MouseLeave(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
 if (this.TabItemControl.IsSelected == false) { this.TabItemControl.Opacity = 0;}

private void TabAllControl_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) {
 if (this.TabItemControl.IsSelected == false) { this.TabItemControl.Opacity = 0;}
//Hide TabPage and Remove the Header:

//Show TabPage and Visible the Header:

tabControl1.TabPages.Insert(2, tabPage3);
tabControl1.TabPages.Insert(4, tabPage5);
tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabPage1;

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