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I want to be able to save the data from datagridview when form closes. And then load the data when the form is opened again.

I tried to do this with an sqlite database. But the DLL's were diving me a problem. And i dont know how to embed the .3db file.

Is there a better/ easier way to do this?



1 solution

You don't want to change an embedded file if you can possibly avoid it: it means altering an executable file which is the kind of activity that virus checkers do look for...
Instead, store the info in a standard external file (see here for suggestions as to where to store it: Where should I store my data?[^])

An SqLite DB should work ok, but if you want to just save and restore the data via a DataTable, then the DataSet has methods to read and write XML files directly:
Easy write:
Create your data in a DataTable, then:
DataSet ds = new DataSet();

Easy Read:
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
dt = ds.Tables[0];

You can use DataTable.ReadXml instead, but it doesn't support schema inference, DataSet.ReadXml does.
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