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How to convert this query to linq

select year(CreatedAt),count(MemberID) from Members
where ID = 1
group by year(CreatedAt)

This is really not that hard. Struggle a little bit.
I suggest you download LinqPad[^], which you can use to test your queries online, and to play around with linq to anything. And by the way it contains a set of samples and tutorials - among which you will find several that will help you in solving this task.
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my advice is if you frequently using linq queries then,
use the below link and install sql to link converter,
even i use the same..[^]

it is so easy and you can just build any complex query in sql and then copy paste in linqpad then in a button click you will get a linq query.
even without having sound knowledge on Linq, i have completed a whole project which uses Linq :)

Good luck..
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Zoltán Zörgő 5-Jul-13 3:06am    
Good advice :) But just a little bit too late :D
Hi dineshdena,

Don't forget
using System.Linq;

otherwise you can't use neither LINQ extension method and you need to create the class to store the data.
Here is the Code:
   public class MemberModel
       public string year{ get; set; }
       public string Count{ get; set; }

var dataQuery =
    from Mem in Members
    where Mem.ID == 1
    group Mem by new { Mem.year(CreatedAt) } into g
    select new MemberModel()
        year = g.Key.year(CreatedAt), 
        Count= g.Key.count(MemberID)
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