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Hi ,

I have a problem while saving data to sql , so I used the breakpoints method to find the problem :[^]

Here is extra screen shots of my problem:

Mukesh Ghosh 8-Jul-13 8:05am
What is your requirement?
[no name] 8-Jul-13 8:09am
Okay.... how is a picture of a breakpoint sitting on top of an empty event handler any kind of a problem? What does your empty method have to do with a "problem while saving data to sql"?
TurkiAlharbi 8-Jul-13 8:16am
this is my problem :

[no name] 8-Jul-13 8:32am
No.... those are merely links to more screenshots. You are not telling anyone what your problem actually is.
TurkiAlharbi 8-Jul-13 8:18am

include my codes

* but nothing to use in my page load ,, all events in my save button
[no name] 8-Jul-13 8:33am
So you want us to chase links all over the web to figure what your problem actually is? I don't have the time or the inclination for that.
ZurdoDev 8-Jul-13 8:45am
What's the issue? Please use English instead of some random picture link.

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