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Hi all,
I want to load xml file to database using script task.I got bellow code which is for script component.Can do the same thing using script task? And I want to load multiple files dynamically.In bellow code it is loading particular file.

Public Overrides Sub PreExecute()


        'Provide the path to read the XML file and load the xml document

        xDoc.Load("file path")
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Sub CreateNewOutputRows()

        For Each xNode As XmlNode In xDoc.SelectNodes("//InvoiceDetails")


            Me.Output0Buffer.ID = xNode.ChildNodes(0).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Qty = xNode.ChildNodes(1).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Price = xNode.ChildNodes(2).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.customer = xNode.ChildNodes(3).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.DateReceived = xNode.ChildNodes(4).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Tax = xNode.ChildNodes(5).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Charges = xNode.ChildNodes(6).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Measure = xNode.ChildNodes(7).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Comments = xNode.ChildNodes(8).InnerText
            Me.Output0Buffer.Desc = xNode.ChildNodes(9).InnerText

   End Sub

    Public Overrides Sub PostExecute()

    End Sub
End Class

Can anybody help me.

1 solution

xyz from Bangalore 10-Jul-13 2:26am
Hi Syed,
I want load xml files. Link is about excel files

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