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I have a category table with 4 columns as and i have made Id as identity as well as Primarykey

ID Categoryname Cimage

Then i have a subcategory table as

ID1 Subcategoryname Simage Description Catid .

In category page

I have a Textbox (for entering name of category) and Image . I have binded it to gridview.
so my gridview displays Textbox data and image.

In my Subcategory page

I have a dropdownlist ,Textbox1 (for entering name of subcategory) , Image , Textbox2 (for entering description)

I populate the dropdownlist from category table(categoryname)
and the rest data should be saved into database and display in gridview..

I am stuck with subcategory page .My data enters into database but unable to display in gridview....

how should i relate 2 tables with id and catid .
and how to write the connections for subcategory page..

I have been trying for weeks but dint succeed...

can anyone help me out with detailed coding. please

Thanks in advance .

1 solution

Make the Category id in the SubCategory Table as foreign key and relate it to ID in the Main category table. But still I didnt get you post your problem clearly with sample code

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