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Hi everyone,

I have a file with a Base64 string that i have to decode into numbers, and i don't know how to do this in C#.

I know how to convert to binary,using Convert.FromBase64String. However i've got to obtain numbers like coordenates X/Y to plot this into a graph, because this is a ECG signal.


Hope you can help me, thanks

1 solution


Look for *Base64* methods of this class.

CDCC8 10-Jul-13 12:28pm
Further Information: I know this data is 16bits Signed.

I've already used Convert.FromBase64String but all i get is strang characters in the command line

here's my code:

public static string Decode(string stringEncoded)
// Converte a String em Base64 em Array de Bytes.
byte[] encodedDataAsBytes = System.Convert.FromBase64String(stringEncoded);

// Retorna a String decodificada.
return UnicodeEncoding.Default.GetString(encodedDataAsBytes);
CDCC8 10-Jul-13 12:36pm
Can you give me other suggestions?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Jul-13 14:25pm
I answered your question, that's it. Everything else is absolutely uncertain.

When you say "this data is 16-bit signed", it's next to saying nothing, because signing is not reversable (you can only read signed data or only write encrypted data when you have a public key), and, in all case, you need to know exact version of encryption algorithm and one or both keys, depending on what you need. Public-key encryption is meant to be unbreakable, don't even try. As a matter of fact, I doubt that anything could be "16-bit signed": people don't use just 16 bits for signing, usually it's 1K or more. It could be something else. What? You don't give any information on it.


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