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hi guys.. how do i get specific text on a text file like for example

i have a text file which contains the field i want to read
for example


the problem is i could not get the specific text on the textfile, i only get the whole
as i only read all of the file.. i wanted to get for example only the password text on the
textfile.. guys. how do i do that? sorry for my bad english..
MuhammadUSman1 13-Jul-13 0:14am    
What you have saved in your file only one Name and Password or multiple name and password or some other text also saved in your file?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Jul-13 0:17am    
Before you learn those simple string manipulation and a lot more related to general programming chores, dealing with passwords, log on, UI, network and other advanced stuff will be just a waste of time. Listen to a good advice: slow down, if you want to get some skills.
[no name] 13-Jul-13 8:15am    
It's not your bad English, it's your complete lack of detail of what you have done, how you did it and what you wanted to do. If you only want certain information, why are you reading the entire file? Why are you unable to read the information out of whatever data structure that you stored the file text in?
lalar18 15-Jul-13 10:24am    
my problem is that whenever i get text from the text file.. i cannot specify the lines that i want to get.. the result is all text from the text file are compressed into one..

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