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Hi all

I am trying to dynamically set the selected index of a combo box in data grid view. I tried with selected index, But it seems there is no selected index property of combo box in data grid view.
How can i set that?
And I bind this combo from db.

I think I explained ma ques in a right way.

Please help me

Updated 19-May-21 22:57pm
Shanu2rick 13-Jul-13 2:54am    
Instead of using selected index why don't try DataGridViewCell value. Something like this
dataGridView.Rows[0].Cells[dataGridViewColumn.Name].Value = cellvalue;
Shafeequl 13-Jul-13 3:01am    
yes, you are right


I Found out a solution to this,We can set the index of combo box in a data grid view as
Datagridview1.Rows[yourrowIndex].cells["Your combobox column"].value=//set the value member here

it really works for me

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Member 11024178 12-Nov-16 2:02am    
It is not working
Member 11873034 22-Mar-17 2:58am    
It is not working
mungalim 28-Apr-17 14:45pm    
I need help for the same case like this ,,
But command

Datagridview1.Rows [yourrowIndex] .cells ["Your combobox column"]. Value = // set the value member here

Can not be on the way if the columns are shaped Combobox
If you want to work with the selectedIndex like in a comboBox
1. You have to add your Items to the comboBox element

DataGridViewComboBoxColumn1.Items.Add("your Text ");
DataGridViewComboBoxColumn1.Items.Add("your Text1 ");
DataGridViewComboBoxColumn1.Items.Add("your Text2 ");

2. if you want to set the selectedIndex you have to do it like this
int selectedIndex = 1
DataGridView1.Rows[yourrowIndex].cells["YourcomboBox column"].Value = DataGridViewComboBoxColumn1.Items[selectedIndex];

3 if you want to get the selectedIndex do it like this
int selectedIndex = DataGridViewComboBoxColumn1.Items.IndexOf
(DataGridView1.Rows[yourrowIndex].cells["YourcomboBox column"].Value);

sorry for the delay and my englisch but i hope it will be helpfull
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CHill60 2-Jan-18 11:45am    
"sorry for the delay" ... 4 years too late really.
Stick to answering new posts where the OP still needs help
Thanks a lot , this code works very well but i just changed selectedindex as 0

int selectedIndex = 0
DataGridView1.Rows[yourrowIndex].cells["YourcomboBox column"].Value = DataGridViewComboBoxColumn1.Items[selectedIndex];
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CHill60 20-May-21 7:01am    
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