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I have written a program to read from a file. The file encoding is UTF-8 and content of the file is Japanese language. I have used 'wstring' to store the lines of the file. Now I want to save the file using SHIFT-JIS encoding. How can I do this using C++?

1 solution

Read the file into a buffer, convert the text to Unicode using MultiByteToWideChar(), convert it to SHIFT-JIS using WideCharToMultiByte(), and write that to the JIS file:

[EDIT: Added code to read and write files]
#include <io.h>

void Utf8FileToJis(LPCTSTR lpszUtf8File, LPCTSTR lpszJisFile)
    FILE *fUtf8File = _tfopen(lpszUtf8File, _T("rb"));
    if (NULL == fUtf8File)
    FILE *fJisFile = _tfopen(lpszJisFile, _T("wb"));
    if (NULL == fJisFile)
    int nLen = _filelength(fileno(fUtf8File));
    LPSTR lpszBuf = new char[nLen];
    fread(lpszBuf, 1, nLen, fUtf8File);
    int nWideLen = ::MultiByteToWideChar(CP_UTF8, 0, lpszBuf, nLen, NULL, 0);
    LPWSTR lpszWide = new WCHAR[nWideLen];
    ::MultiByteToWideChar(CP_UTF8, 0, lpszBuf, nLen, lpszWide, nWideLen);

    // SHIFT-JIS has code page number 932
    // see
    int nJisLen = ::WideCharToMultiByte(932, 0, lpszWide, nWideLen, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);
    LPSTR lpszJis = new char[nJisLen];
    ::WideCharToMultiByte(932, 0, lpszWide, nWideLen, lpszJis, nJisLen, NULL, NULL);

    fwrite(lpszJis, 1 , nJisLen, fJisFile);

    delete [] lpszJis;
    delete [] lpszWide;
    delete [] lpszBuf;
JakirBB 13-Jul-13 15:54pm
Can you please provide me a full code with reading from and writing to a file? I'll be very grateful to you. Thanks in advance.
Jochen Arndt 14-Jul-13 5:15am
I have updated my solution. Reading and writing files is a basic task that can be done using various methods (I decided to use the C Standard library functions).

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