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I checked this code, but it gives an error message!

// load assembly
          System.Reflection.Assembly assembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom(openFileDialog1.FileName);
          var settingsType = assembly.GetTypes();
          foreach (var form in settingsType)
              //var propList = form.GetProperties().Where(p => p.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(Aviation.Library.CS.Libs.TransactionAttribute), true).Length != 0).ToList();
              var propList = form.GetProperties().ToList();

              foreach (PropertyInfo btn in propList)

                  System.Reflection.PropertyInfo defaultProperty = form.GetProperty(btn.Name);
                  object defaultObject = defaultProperty.GetValue(assembly, null);

The error message is:
"Object does not match target type."
Updated 12-Jul-13 21:52pm
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 3:42am    
Debug and find at which line you are getting this error and then update your question with more information?
hadisalehy 13-Jul-13 3:49am    
In this line:
object defaultObject = defaultProperty.GetValue(assembly, null);
Error Message is: "Object does not match target type."
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 4:16am    
what are you trying to do?
hadisalehy 13-Jul-13 5:14am    
I want to get a dll file and take properties , read property value
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 5:40am    
Are you trying to read custom attributes or normal property?

1 solution

I believe code you are using for reading custom attributes is not correct. Pleas refer below link to reading custom attributes

Accessing Attributes With Reflection (C# Programming Guide)[^]
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hadisalehy 14-Jul-13 0:43am    
Mahesh Bailwal Thanks for your answer
But this episode works well
You can try any kind of attributes.
var propList = form.GetProperties().Where(p => p.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(customAttribute), true).Length != 0).ToList();

I found this error reason.
GetValue method is to use the create instance, in this way we are unable to create instance for getvalue.
Is there a way to get the value of the property?

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