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Hi Guys,

I used following code to download file from secured site but file created on folder @"C:\Downloads\Filename" show HTML tags like this

<HEAD><LINK rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" name="defaultstyle" href="/cehttp/html/style.css">
<TITLE>Servlet Response Message</TITLE></HEAD>
<H2 align=center><H2>
You are not logged on. Please logon first.

instead of the actual file content.

           WebClient client = new WebClient();
           client.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("username", "password");
           byte[] pageData = client.DownloadData("url");
           string pageHtml = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(pageData);

           client.DownloadFile("url", @"C:\Downloads\071213.ACCT");
       catch (WebException webEx)
           if (webEx.Status == WebExceptionStatus.ConnectFailure)
               Console.WriteLine("Are you behind a firewall?  If so, go through the proxy server.");
Updated 14-Jul-13 23:17pm

1 solution

That's some mechanism on the server side: they check somehow that you are logged in, and your username ans password are not enough. I can only guess that they might use cookies, check referers, check session variables,...
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