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I want To change client machine's registry value like "MaxScriptStatements" which is a limitation of IE8. Want to do through code and not by manual.Please share it. Also I don't want it through the ACTIVE X object, because for this I need to do the setting in IE as well.

Thank You.
Bernhard Hiller 15-Jul-13 8:29am
Are you sure doing such things is a good idea? I do not feel safe visiting any of your web pages now...
bbirajdar 15-Jul-13 8:34am
I agree.. Visiting his website may delete my registry keys or may modify them and open my system for attacks. He may also insert viruses into the registry
bbirajdar 15-Jul-13 8:29am
No.. If you know how the webbrowser works, then it may be clear for you that no webapplication can access the client machine registry

1 solution

I strongly recommend that you don't try anything like that. And IF you DO try it, please send me an email with your website address so that I can be damned sure that I don't visit it.

However, if you are intent on trying anyway, have a look at these:[^][^][^][^]

Now it's up to you - I haven't tried it and don't want to either...
Dnyaneshwar Kondbale 16-Jul-13 1:02am
Dear Johnny,

Thanks. But I want to increase "MaxScriptStatements" this in IE8, and client don't want to do manual setting. He want to do though our application itself.
He want solution though application only ""

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