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how to count(sumtotal)of a certain field say quantity depending on year wise.

suppose i have 1 table name facsort and in that i have columns as qty,date,name etc.

now in 2013 year end, how many qty has been inserted in database, i want to display it in gridview.

i dont want month wise how many qty are inserted.

please kindly help.

i will be highly obliged.
thanks in advance.

You can do this at the query level itself. Just run a total for the year within the query by using a subquery.

select *, (select sum(qty) from table where data > '2013/01/01' from table)
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sudeshna from bangkok 16-Jul-13 1:02am    
shall i write this query under combobox_selectedindexchanged?
sudeshna from bangkok 16-Jul-13 1:03am    
can you give me the full subquery, the example which you gave is not working
sudeshna from bangkok 16-Jul-13 1:35am    
Dim cn As New SqlConnection("Data Source=.\INSTANCE;initial catalog=record;user=sa;password=gariahat")
'Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand
Dim ds As New DataSet


cmd.Connection = cn

Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("select count(qty)from facsort group by return_dt", cn)
ds = New DataSet
da.Fill(ds, "facsort")
For i As Integer = 0 To ds.Tables("facsort").Rows.Count - 1
If ComboBox2.SelectedItem = ds.Tables("facsort").Rows(i).Item("type").ToString() Then
TextBox1.Text = ds.Tables("facsort").Rows(i).Item("qty").ToString()
TextBox2.Text = ds.Tables("facsort").Rows(i).Item("wt_rtn").ToString()
End If
sudeshna from bangkok 16-Jul-13 1:54am    
can you just expand the subquery?
select count(qnt) from facsort group by DATEPART(yyyy, date )
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sudeshna from bangkok 16-Jul-13 1:35am    
i have written this code. but showing error
sudeshna from bangkok 16-Jul-13 1:36am    
i dont have any column as such only year. i have return_dt but it takes value from datetimepicker.
Nirav Prabtani 16-Jul-13 1:42am    
I am not sure but,
try updated solution

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