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Is there any way to insert date time in this format "MMMM/yyyy/d ddd hh:mm:ss tt" into sql server 2008 while I insert I use this format, but after I inserted it was in the format ""

Can anyone help me?
Updated 16-Jul-13 3:33am

Actually, a DateTime value is always stored the same way in the Sql database, it just a matter of the way it is presented/formatted when you see it in the Sql Manager or read it using a query...

Depends on what you want to do, but just read it into a DateTime variable and format it to string the way you want:[^]
You can make your column type in sql as datetime , also if you need to insert a new format of date in database make it as varchar(20) and insert the format that you need.
Johnny J. 16-Jul-13 9:59am
Sorry, but I have to downvote that... You should never store a date in a varchar variable. That makes for all kinds of problems.

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