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i have a 2 list ,which i want to append the list values to .CSV ...when i open the .csv file which looks very similar to excel..My issue is am not binding list values to different cells ..list values are binding to one cell itself.

if i use
it will append to one cell

it will bind list items vertically in .csv file

how can write each list1 item values horizontally in .csvfile(which looks similar to excel) then append next list2 items in newline

foreach (string s in list)
                        file.Write(string.Join(" ", s));


can you suggest me any idea to achieve this?
Updated 24-Jul-13 2:23am

1 solution

Concatenate them together. This will write item1 followed by a comma and then item 2 and then the newline character.

file.WriteLine(listitem1 & "," & listeitem2)
keerth516 24-Jul-13 8:19am
you didnt get what i was trying to say, I have list1 contains 5items,want to write these 5items to different cells of .csv file instead it writing 5items to one cell itself. I want write each list items in one cell and then shift to adjacent cell and write second item. can u please suggest any other idea to achieve this.
ZurdoDev 24-Jul-13 8:22am
Why won't this work? You said you wanted CSV.
keerth516 24-Jul-13 8:32am
yes here when i create a .csv file looks similar as excel sheet.
I could bind all the list items in one cell itself, not each item in different cell...can u pls suggest me any idea how can i write item1 to cell1 then item2 to adjacent cell.
ZurdoDev 24-Jul-13 8:41am
What I suggested will put them into different cells. A CSV is a list of values separated by commas. When you open that in Excel, you tell it to use the comma as the delimiter and then it will put them into different cells. I don't see where you are stuck on this.
keerth516 24-Jul-13 8:56am
sorry i was having some other issue which i could n't see it..yes your suggestion helped me..thanks
ZurdoDev 24-Jul-13 9:06am
No problem. Glad to know it helped.
keerth516 24-Jul-13 22:13pm
hi ryanb31 i have commas in list item this has to be taken as one string instead its splitting and assigning to next cell one more question even the '\r\n" in list item going to can i avoid not to go mext and remains as single string with commas. any idea
ZurdoDev 24-Jul-13 22:19pm
I believe if you put the values in " " Excel will keep it as one.
keerth516 25-Jul-13 1:05am
no it didnt work...any other idea!!?
ZurdoDev 25-Jul-13 7:45am
It will, but when you open in Excel tell it to use " as the text qualifier.
keerth516 26-Jul-13 0:51am
hi ryanb31 ..thanks again...i did this way item="keerth516,24,b'lore" while writting to csv file "\""+item+"\"" ,then its working fine even for carriage return,newline

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