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I have a normal text box for entering Email ID, but requirement is text box should have "@", ".com" inherently in it while loading the page plz go through this answer me.....
midnight_ 24-Jul-13 9:38am
I think this has nothing to do with validation. Its rather masking/prefilling a textbox.
The easy way could be two textboxes between the labels "@" and ".com".

=> [ ]@[ ].com


You can use a regular expression:[^][^][^]
Email Address Validation Using Regular Expression[^][^]

Instead of a RegEx to validate an email address, you can also try this:[^]


Just checking whether the given email address contains "@" and ".com" wouldn't be enough to validate an email address: if you just would check for "@" and ".com", then even .com@ would be valid.
You don't really need a masked text box. You should just put this code where you want to validate the email.

if (TextBox1.Text.Contains("@")) {
    if (TextBox1.Text.Contains(".com")) {
        MessageBox.Show("Valid Email");
} else {

Herman<T>.Instance 24-Jul-13 10:33am
Text.ToString.Contains?? That is not c# code!!
Text is already a String value
Contains is not a property of text.,...bad solution! --> Sorry my bad!
[no name] 24-Jul-13 20:10pm
contains is a property of .ToString do your research man.
[no name] 25-Jul-13 18:10pm
It is? Since when? According to MSDN Contains is a method (not a property) of the String class.
Your code will not compile.
Calling ToString on a string is useless
MsgBox is undefined
[no name] 26-Jul-13 8:12am
oops my bad your right .ToString is not needed just .Contains sorry about that .

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