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i want show sql serach result in several textboxes(for example my serach have 4 record and every record have 5 fiels i want show one field in one textbox)
OriginalGriff 25-Jul-13 9:42am    
Sorry, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense: if you have four records, and five columns per record than you would need a variable number of textboxes in order to display the full results.

A better approach might be to have a grid control showing all the rows, and textboxes to show only the currently highlighted row data.

1 solution

This is easy to do. If you have a SQL helper class use that or you can use the SqlCommand object and the SqlDataReader along with the SqlConnection.

Something similar to:
 dr = cmd.ExecutReader();
if (dr.HasRows)
  textbox1.Text = dr["FirstField"].ToString();
  textbox2.Text = dr["SecondField"].ToString();

so on and so forth.
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mekameka 26-Jul-13 2:54am    
ok-if we have 1 record for result search it is true but search result have more than 1 record for use 2th record
in textbox 3 and textbox 4 (for example) what is code ?
ZurdoDev 26-Jul-13 7:32am    
dr.Read() advances to the next record.

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