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how can remove duplicate rows in below procedure

in TBLTicketAnswers i have some record with same TicketID and i don't want to display just one row:
SELECT  TBLTickets.TicketID ,
                           TBLTickets.UserID ,
                           TBLTickets.AttachFile ,
                           TBLTickets.HasFile ,
                           TBLTickets.Title ,
                           TBLTickets.Question ,
                           TBLTickets.Flag ,
                           TBLTickets.InsertDate ,
                           TBLTicketBranchs.BranchName ,
                           TBLTicketAnswers.AnswerID ,
                           TBLTicketAnswers.Answer ,
                           TBLUsers.UserName ,
                           TBLUsers.UserOwner ,
                   FROM    dbo.TBLTicketBranchs
                           INNER JOIN dbo.TBLTickets ON dbo.TBLTicketBranchs.BranchID = dbo.TBLTickets.BranchID
                           INNER JOIN dbo.TBLUsers ON dbo.TBLTickets.UserID = dbo.TBLUsers.UserID
                           LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.TBLTicketAnswers ON dbo.TBLTickets.TicketID = dbo.TBLTicketAnswers.TicketID
                   WHERE   ( TBLTicketBranchs.ResellerID = @ResellerID   --without flag (@flag=0)
                             AND ( TBLTicketAnswers.Answer LIKE N'%'
                                   + @Keyword + '%'
                                   OR @Keyword IS NULL
                                   OR TBLTickets.Title LIKE N'%' + @Keyword
                                   + '%'
                                   OR @Keyword IS NULL
                                   OR TBLTickets.Question LIKE N'%'
                                   + @Keyword + '%'
                                   OR @Keyword IS NULL
                                   OR TBLUsers.UserName LIKE N'%' + @Keyword
                                   + '%'
                                   OR @Keyword IS NULL

Updated 28-Jul-13 1:48am
Maciej Los 28-Jul-13 15:28pm    
We can't read in your mind ;(
CHill60 28-Jul-13 19:10pm    
Adarsh chauhan 29-Jul-13 4:28am    
sorry but your question is not clear to me... what do you mean by
"i have some record with same TicketID and i don't want to display just one row"??
if prob. is with duplicate records then you can use Distinct.. else please explain your prob.

1 solution

Try this....
SELECT Distinct  ti.TicketID, ti.UserID, ti.AttachFile, ti.HasFile, ti.Title, ti.Question, ti.Flag, ti.InsertDate, tb.BranchName, ta.AnswerID, ta.Answer, tu.UserName, tu.UserOwner, tu.Corporation
FROM  dbo.TBLTicketBranchs tb
INNER JOIN dbo.TBLTickets ti ON tb.BranchID = ti.BranchID
INNER JOIN dbo.TBLUsers tu ON ti.UserID = tu.UserID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.TBLTicketAnswers ta ON ti.TicketID = ta.TicketID
WHERE   tb.ResellerID = @ResellerID   --without flag (@flag=0)
AND ( ta.Answer LIKE N'%' + @Keyword + '%'
      OR @Keyword IS NULL
      OR ti.Title LIKE N'%' + @Keyword + '%'
      OR @Keyword IS NULL
      OR ti.Question LIKE N'%' + @Keyword + '%'
      OR @Keyword IS NULL
      OR tu.UserName LIKE N'%' + @Keyword + '%'
      OR @Keyword IS NULL

Try using Alias Names While Writing Joins...
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Adarsh chauhan 1-Aug-13 2:28am    
I agree... Distinct would work for this... and its always better to use alias names for tables when you have to join them.. :) +5
Raja Sekhar S 1-Aug-13 2:40am    
Thank you... Adarsh...

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