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Please help with accessing array element by index in C#. I have an array of services we offer and I want at the click of a button somewhere to accumulate totals per type of service. I have declared an array of service totals and a simple method to accumulate totals
Here is the skeleton of my code:
private int[] serviceTotals = new int[10];  

 public void AccumulateTotals()
 int indexInteger=0;
 int serviceCount +=1;

The problem is somewhere else in the program I call the the method & use this code:

Textbox1.Text = serviceTotals[0].ToString //for the first item in the array

I get an error: "Cannot apply indexing with[] to an expression of type 'int'
What am I doing wrong??

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Updated 29-Jul-13 3:07am
Fredrik Bornander 29-Jul-13 4:57am    
Have you defined serviceTotals more than once?
It sounds like to have a definition (probably a local one) that is defined as an int.
joshrduncan2012 29-Jul-13 9:16am    
You also need to add the () on ToString.
[no name] 30-Jul-13 11:03am    
I think you are assigning and declaring in a single statement here. "int serviceCount +=1;". Make them separate then you will get the solution.

C# is case sensitive. ServiceTotals is not the same as serviceTotals.
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Try this :

public int[] serviceTotals = new int[10];

to fill the array :

int serviceCount =1;
         for (int i = 0; i < serviceTotals.Count(); i++)
             serviceTotals[i] = serviceCount;

to call the first item :

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it must work unless you're pointing to a different variable with different type! Case sensitivity may be the issue.
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