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I'm using eclipse witht the jwindows addon thingy that lets me have a gui

this is my code im using



public Skin_Stealer_Pro() throws IOException {}

the weird thing about this is, I can run is, by right clicking and run as java application and it works the icon is on the window, but when I export the file onto my desktop, and then try to run it, the window dose not open, but i look in my windows task manager and I see it is running, so its running but its not running, I was wondering if anyone can help me fix this problem?
Fredrik Bornander 29-Jul-13 6:56am    
When you say "export the file onto my desktop", what do you mean?
Are you moving the .jar file to your desktop or are you doing something else?
[no name] 29-Jul-13 6:58am    
I go into eclipse and click export and then select the export destination to the desktop and it exports the jat file to the desktop
Fredrik Bornander 29-Jul-13 7:31am    
Then add a try-catch around the line(s) you think fail and log the exception message and stack trace.
TorstenH. 30-Jul-13 2:51am    

There is an exception popping in your code. That's why the app is running but not visible.
[no name] 30-Jul-13 2:53am    
exception popping? whats that?

1 solution

you have to make sure the Icon is available. That's not about the code, it's more about you organizing the resources.

Please make a folder "resources" aside of the folder "src". That is common sense.
In "resources" you'll create a folder "icons" and put the icon in there. Then reference that path and get the icon:

String path = ResourcesLoader.class.getResource("/resource/icons/icon.png").toString();

Should do the trick (depending on what type of project you run)

You can add more in the resource folder - like a folder "properties" with some property files in there.

make sure you deploy the icon with the app - mark the icon / the complete resources to become a part of the deployment.
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