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I have division contain three css classes. i want to call them from my code behind file to javascript.

sDetails = sDetails + "<div class="progress-bar blue stripes" style="width:250px;left:60px"><span style="width:"" mode="hold" </div>";
e.Row.Attributes["onmouseover"]= "MouseEvents(this, event,'" + sDetails +"')";

i gave the code like this. But progress-bar class only working while execution.

Actually i want to bring progress bars to my application. so that i want use that 3 css classes to give style to progress bar. but i am not able to call the 3 classes dynamically. i used single quotes for that but it is not accepted in javascript.

Give me a solution.
Thanks in advance.
Updated 29-Jul-13 21:40pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Jul-13 1:16am    
Sorry, not a question.
What do you mean by "calling CSS"? There is no such thing.
Ankur\m/ 30-Jul-13 1:22am    
I tried formatting your code. It seems you have used double quotes inside the HTML part of code which is wrong. It won't compile. Replace it with single quote.
Now is that one CSS or 3 CSS class which you want to call different events. You question isn't clear. Please use 'Improve Question' widget to update your question with more details.
_Asif_ 30-Jul-13 1:31am    
only working while execution??? could not understand! Please explain
vineeth raju 30-Jul-13 1:58am    
progress-bar , blue , stripes are the three css classes. in this first class properties only coming during the execution time.
vineeth raju 30-Jul-13 1:41am    
progress-bar , blue , stripes are the css classes.

1 solution

put div class like this, div class= \"progress-bar blue stripes\"
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