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Greetings everyone

The winforms GUI or API provided by the Microsoft .Net Framework has been in my mind to use for developing a small scale business application that has to go a system development life cycle and updated frequently, do you guys know if programming/developing with windows forms and C# is a feasible and acceptable candidate for developing business software such as an accounting software??

Windows forms can also be extended by introducing external UI components and other various tools,it can also be easily reprogrammed using another technology or presentation layer such as WPF in the future as a new version of your application.

pardon me if the subject sounds a little bit dry or illogical, i need your thoughts and opinions.

Yours sincerely

[no name] 31-Jul-13 11:15am    
Well people have been using forms for this for quite a number of years. So I would say yes it is feasible and acceptable.
CPallini 31-Jul-13 11:48am    

It's good enough for such purposes. It all depends on how good would be your use of the library and other things. :-)

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As already stated by ThePhantomUpvoter, yes it is a suitable GUI for developing enterprise software.
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You pretty much just asked if Windows was a suitable platform target for enterprise applications. Seeing as Windows Forms is built directly on top of the standard Win32 window structures and people having been using that for decades, I'd say yes.
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