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I just wanna ask something and also a little code too.

As of now I have the codes that i needed except for one.

My question is How can i update the age in the database using

For example if the person Birthdate(MM/dd) = System.Date.Today(MM/dd) then
Age + 1

Something like that, how can i use that in and access database.
Jameel VM 1-Aug-13 1:10am    
where you are stuck?
Crixalis Paul 1-Aug-13 1:22am    
In the calculation of age.
how can i do that? do i need to use update? but how sir?
Crixalis Paul 1-Aug-13 2:13am    
Please Help me with this

Why do you need to? There is absolutely no point in storing this value in the database because it will be incorrect 99% of the time. Store only the birthdate, then when you need to display the age on a view or printed report, calculate it at the time of display from today's date and the DOB from the database.
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Maciej Los 1-Aug-13 3:57am    
Yes, yes, yes!
codejet 5-Aug-13 10:26am    
I Agree
As Richard MacCutchan has mentioned, you need to use query to calculate age. You don't need to store its value in a database.
SELECT [BirthDate], Date() AS [Today], DateDiff("yyyy", [BirthDate], Date())  AS [Age]

MS Access: Date() function[^]
MS Access: DateDiff function[^]
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Richard MacCutchan 1-Aug-13 8:47am    
+5; that's the bit I didn't know.
Maciej Los 1-Aug-13 8:48am    
Thank you, Richard ;)
Now, your and mine answer is a complete answer ;)

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