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I have a textbox and I am trying to use validation rules to verify that the text entered is has not already been used before. To do so I want to send the Validation rule a list of the existing strings.

<TextBox Name="txtModuleName" Grid.Column="1" Margin="5">
        <Binding FallbackValue="59" RelativeSource="{RelativeSource Self}" Path="Text">
                    ErrorMessage="Module Name is required."/>
                    ErrorMessage="Module Name already Exists."
                    ListToCompare="{DynamicResource list}"/>

This is my rather simple Validation rule I am trying to use.

public class StringNotInListValidationRule : ValidationRule
       public List<ISearch> ListToCompare { get; set; }

       public string ErrorMessage { get; set; }

       public override ValidationResult Validate(object value, CultureInfo cultureInfo)
           ValidationResult result = new ValidationResult(true, null);
           string inputString = (value ?? string.Empty).ToString();
           if (null == ListToCompare || ListToCompare.Exists(x => x.Name == inputString))
               result = new ValidationResult(false, this.ErrorMessage);

           return result;

   public interface ISearch
       string Name { get; set; }

I know DynamicResource doesn't work for the 'ListToCompare'. That is what I am trying to figure out. How can I send the list to the validation rule? Do I need to change the Interface?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Updated 2-Aug-13 9:01am

1 solution

Not sure this will help you, but here is a CodeProject article: Validation in Windows Presentation Foundation[^]
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bowlturner 5-Aug-13 8:53am    
Thanks, but that is where I got a bit of my code I'm currently using. So, no, my answer isn't in there.

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