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How to pass an array to SQL SERVER 2008 stored procedure and insert all the values of a array into a database table.

For Example: From ASP.NET C#, I would pass a parameter having multiple values separated by comma

as below

string category = "Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, Cat4";

I would like to insert all the values of above string in a table called Categories.

How could I achieve this using SQL SERVER 2008.
[no name] 3-Aug-13 11:08am
You start by doing some research
sam7one 4-Aug-13 2:45am
hmmm... thanks for answer else I would have never known about this option...GREAT HELP!
Zoltán Zörgő 4-Aug-13 6:10am
Anyway, google search is the option to start with. And it would have helped you - if you have had done it right.

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Solution 1

Try this:

1. Create a Type in SQL Server
CREATE TYPE dbo.MyDataTable -- you can be more speciifc here
  Category NVARCHAR(200)

2. Create a Stored Proc(on SQL Server) consume the above TYPE created and insert into Categories(assuming your table name is "Categories"
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.InsertCategories
  @dt AS dbo.MyDataTable READONLY

  INSERT dbo.Categories(Category) 
  SELECT Category 
  FROM @dt 
  WHERE Category NOT IN (SELECT Category FROM dbo.Categories);

Now the c# part:

string category = "Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, Cat4";
string[] categories = category.Split(',');

DataTable dt_Categories = new DataTable();
dt_Categories.Columns.Add("Category", typeof(String));
DataRow workRow;
foreach(string cat in categories)
  workRow = dt_Categories.NewRow();
  workRow["Category"] = cat.Trim();
using (connectionObject)//assuming you have a connection here
    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("dbo.InsertCategories", connectionObject);
    cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
    SqlParameter tvparam = cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dt", dt_Categories);
    tvparam.SqlDbType = SqlDbType.Structured;
sam7one 4-Aug-13 8:16am
THANKS, Exactly what I was looking for, My search ends here. Earlier, I found some articles about using Table Valued Parameters, but I was not able to figure out how to use it in application. This what I was looking for and working fine!
Kuthuparakkal 4-Aug-13 13:27pm
Very well, glad to know you were lookin for this!!!
sam7one 5-Aug-13 6:35am
Hi, in the procedure "InsertCategories" how could I check if specific category already exists in "Categories" TABLE?
Kuthuparakkal 5-Aug-13 7:04am
Updated soln, please check!
sam7one 12-Aug-13 9:42am
Thanks once again for answer...!
Kuthuparakkal 12-Aug-13 9:52am
No probs :)
AkibAli 20-Oct-16 4:29am
Nice Article
R.Akhlaghi 6-Apr-15 7:05am
u cAN FOUND another solution here
R.Akhlaghi 6-Apr-15 7:05am
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Solution 2

You have several possibilities.
Passing the values as a table valued parameter is a good option. There are other though, see my answer here: How to pass collection values to sql server 2008 Stored Procedures ?[^]
Besides what I have mentioned there, you can use a function like this[^] to split the string on t-sql side and have it as table.

But in your case, the simplest approach would be split it in c# and simply issue the insert statement multiple times. Don't complicate things!

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