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hi guys,

I am new to this ASP.NET technology. I have just finished my website. So can you guys tell me how to access that through LAN. I tried but failed...

My webpage isn't loading. It gives me timeout error( error 110). I am using IIS7.When I type localhost it gives me 404 error...

Please help me by giving method for accessing my website through LAN.
[no name] 4-Aug-13 8:33am    
"I tried but failed", tried what?
"I type localhost", are you actually on the computer hosting the website when you do this?
Joezer BH 4-Aug-13 8:42am    
A LAN does not in any way limit the usage of websites.

If you are not working on the server itself, try to see first if the server is available (ping etc) then see if the port is open (Default is 80 for HTTP and 443 for SSL).

If you are on the server/development machine what address are you typing in the browser?
What happens when you debug the website with VisualStudio?
How have you published your site (if you have)?
Member 8129161 3-Sep-15 1:21am    
I have error with the config file for mode attribute

1 solution

While accessing your ASP.NET application from a different machine in a LAN environment you have to consider/do the following:

1. Create a Application/virtual directory in IIS for your application on the machine (Server) you want to host.
2. Ping the IP address of the server from other machine on the LAN from where you want to access the application, to ensure your server can be reached.
3. Note localhost will not be accessible from a remote machine, instead use the below:
Use http://<ip>:<port>/
Will Not Work: http://localhost:8080/MyApplication/login.aspx

4. You will find the IP address by following the below steps, on the server:

i. Start > Run
ii. Type cmd and click on enter key
iii. DOS command prompt opens
iv. Type ipconfig and click on enter
v. Note down the IPv4 Address i.e. your IP address of the machine/

5. You can find the port number in IIS where it was hosted.
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