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Appending two rows dynamically in a existing table.

Step 1: Initially table contains no rows.

A button named as AddField .
For each button click repeat the following step.

Step 2: two rows added to the table.

How it is possible using javascript.

Please provide a solution in mvc3.

$('#Field tr').length;//first i take the current number of tr. 
Here 'Field' is my table id.
then using the following code i append one row below the current row.
 $('.AddTableRowForm').append(//Inside this i specified all controls which are added on each row.)

appended one row with specified controls.

Actual Output:
Append two rows below the current row.

Thanks& Regards,
Maciej Los 5-Aug-13 2:54am
What have you done so far? Where are you stuck?
AnupamaPillai 5-Aug-13 4:27am
currently i take count of 'tr' and dynamically adding one row on each button click. But my actual requirement is adding two rows on each button click. Is it possible ??
Maciej Los 5-Aug-13 4:33am
If it is possible to add one row, then two is possible too ;)
AnupamaPillai 5-Aug-13 5:23am
No. at a time one row is appended.
Maciej Los 5-Aug-13 5:25am
Please, share your code. Use "Improve question" widget. Shortly describe your issue.
Ankur\m/ 5-Aug-13 6:48am
Write the append statement 'n' times and it will append n rows.
AnupamaPillai 5-Aug-13 7:20am
if you have time please update code with your logic.... i will apply another logic ....
thanks for your valuable reply 'Ankur'....
I expect this type good logic for future also....
Ankur\m/ 5-Aug-13 7:23am
Write below statement 2 times and it will append 2 rows:
$('.AddTableRowForm').append(//Inside this i specified all controls which are added on each row.)
Try and let me know.
AnupamaPillai 5-Aug-13 7:32am
thank you Ankur.... it works finee......
Ankur\m/ 5-Aug-13 7:42am
In that case I will add that as an answer. :)

1 solution

The append statement you are using appends a row to the table. So as many times you write that statement it will append that many rows to your table.
Since in your case you 2 such rows, just write the append statement two times:
$('.AddTableRowForm').append(//Inside this i specified all controls which are added on each row.)
In case the number of appends are large, you could use a for loop to make the code shorter.
Ankur\m/ 5-Aug-13 7:54am
Btw that was very trivial. I hope you are learning and not coding for some client.

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