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Hi there,

I have a 64bit c# app and I have to execute an external app that runs in DOS and is a 16bit app, is this possible to achieve? If so, can you please send me some links or examples because I have not found any good one

Thank you very much
ridoy 5-Aug-13 4:28am    

To execute DOS applications with 64-bit Windows you may use the XP Mode of Windows 7 Professional or a DOS emulator like DOSBox[^].
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No, you can't.

The 16 bit application can't run on 64 bit environment.

This is operating system's restriction.
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What should I do then? I have to some how execute this app :( Please give me some ideas, of if there is no solution for this issue, then I will have to find a new compatible application :(

Thank you
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ridoy 5-Aug-13 4:26am    
this is not a solution.Use Have a Question or Comment button to do comment.
Hi Jochen, thank you very much

I downloaded the DOSBox and it ran my 16bit app in win 7 64bit computer :)

now I need to automatically run the dosbox from my c# app and programmatically execute the commands to run my own 16bit app from c#

Is this possible?

Thanks again
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