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I am Creating windows application. In my project I am creating report for print Employee card.
The printer is print front and back page at same time. So the back page should be reverse. Then only it print correctly. But I can't do it in text rotation. There are no options for print reverse direction. please help me for solve this problem

I am using following css class for view reverse
.reverse {

But the thing is I m using windows application. How to call the css class to my report and how to include that file.
Anyone can solve this problem.
Updated 6-Aug-13 0:33am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-13 1:18am    
180? Are you kidding? I would understand but 180 is simply equivalent to turning the paper upside down. Why?
Maciej Los 6-Aug-13 3:37am    
Sergey, i think that the question is more readable now... Please, check it.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-13 11:26am    
Yes, thank you. PrintDocument is good, but OP prints out of a Web application. It should be solvable with transform...
Or not? OP said "Window application", but what is it? If Forms, PrintDocument should be used.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-13 1:22am    
Please stop posting non-answers as "solution". It can give you abuse reports which eventually may lead to cancellation of your CodeProject membership. And the fact you even self-accepted some formally is just outrageous, a sure way for a ban. I hope you won't do it after this warning.

Comment on any posts, reply to available comments, or use "Improve question" (above).
Also, keep in mind that members only get notifications on the post sent in reply to there posts.
Maciej Los 6-Aug-13 3:34am    
have you tried to use PrintDocument[^]?

The best solutioin in this case is to use PrintDocument[^] component/class.
It provides many ways to print text and graphic using custom formatting.

How to: Align Drawn Text[^]
How to: Create Vertical Text[^]
How to: Draw Text with GDI[^]
How to rotate a written string with ?[^]
PrintDocument.PrintPage Event[^]
Image Rotate on printing tool pinting blank page[^]

I hope it will be helpful ;)
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devausha 7-Aug-13 0:44am    
hi, thanks for your kind reply. How to apply it in my crystal report document. Have any idea?
Maciej Los 7-Aug-13 2:02am    
It can't be used with Crystal report. It's a "virtual document" to print. Please, follow the links and read about it.
devausha 8-Aug-13 4:06am    
Hi thank you for your kind reply
Maciej Los 8-Aug-13 4:08am    
You're welcome. Please, mark this answer as "solved" (green button) if it helps you to find a solution ;)

This problem is solved. I am using this css class.
.reverse {

That is working in web application.
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