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Hello everyone!

I would like to start by saying thanks to everyone who takes some time to view this thread and try to help.

I will be brief, and cut to the point:

I have a table in MS Access, it contains 2 columns of interest- County, and TGTE (Type Of Geothermal Energy ). Column TGTE is of type VARCHAR and it can have 1 of two values, to make it easier let's say it is either L or H.

I need to create SQL query that shows a result which is described bellow ( code tags are for clearer look ):

Bellow is the part of the table:

County | TGTE | ... other fields |  
First  |   L  |
First  |   L  |
First  |   H  |
Second |   H  |
Third  |   L  |

I need a resulting query that shows the count of distinct TGTE in every County like this:

County | TGTE = L | TGTE = H |  
First  |    2     |     1    |
Second |    0     |     1    |
Third  |    1     |     0    |

How can I create query that displays the desired result described above ?
Mohibur Rashid 5-Aug-13 20:55pm    
try stored procedure

I have the query like bellow, and it works:

SELECT  County
         ,sum( switch( ТGTE = 'L', 1, TGTE = 'H', 0 ) ) as [L_Count]
         ,sum( switch( ТGTE = 'H', 1, TGTE = 'L', 0 ) ) as [H_Count]
 FROM    MyTable

Everything works fine, when I run it through ADO and MS Access 2007.
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Couple of options... either create a query to group by County and TGTE and count the ID field, then run a crosstab query over that...


Create a subquery for each of the two types of TGTE, group by county and where clause on the TGTE, then have a main query to return the County, attached to the two subqueries (by a left join) to get TGTE column one and two.
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MyOldAccount 6-Aug-13 19:02pm    
I am inexperienced with SQL.
Although I vaguely understand what you're talking about, I could really use a code snippet, or a pseudo code.
Thank you for your suggested answer!
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MyOldAccount 6-Aug-13 19:04pm    
This is interesting, I will try it out and report my results as soon as possible!
Thank you for your suggested solution!

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