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Dear Sir ..

i want the paaword regular expression in

1)start with alphabetic s (A-Z and a-z))
2)compulsory one number (0 to 9)
3)special characters must be one and should be at last(!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*_)
4)minimum length 6 and max 20....
lukeer 6-Aug-13 2:17am    
Your constrain (1) does make the passwords weaker. Why would you want that?
Same for limitation to 20 characters. Why?
Thanks7872 6-Aug-13 2:36am    
Google is down at your end or what?

Here's a whole bunch of them... pick the one you like best!![^]
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Thanks7872 6-Aug-13 2:34am    
↑voted. Excellent and i personally call it a smart one..:-)
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Maciej Los 6-Aug-13 2:20am    
Have you seen my answer to your question: Need help in formating datetime as saved in database[^]?
[no name] 6-Aug-13 2:21am    
Yes..and i solved also..
Maciej Los 6-Aug-13 2:26am    
So, please, mark all valuable answers as solutions (green button). You can mark more than one answer. I have seen your account. Why do you have so many questions unsolved? CP has rules. One of them is to mark valueable answers as a solution and to vote-up.
Thanks7872 6-Aug-13 2:32am    
Agreed. And advised to remove this comments at the earliest from here.

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