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Hello guys,

I have a javascript code on my site that loads during document.ready. I want to use it to filter my datatable but it's not working. May i know if there is something wrong with this script?

<script type="text/javascript">		
		$(document).ready(function() {
			$("select#search_pad").change(function () {
			var val = $("select#search_pad option:selected").attr('value');
			var regex = (val == "" ?  "": "^"+val+"$");
			tbl_record.fnFilter (regex,1,false);

thanks in advance!

1 solution

Well, nobody will ever tell you, since nobody (except probably you) can know what's behind the tbl_record.fnFilter (regex,1,false); function call.
Just a question: if you put all this on a button click event instead of ready - is it working?
Are you sure your code is executed after the data you want to filter is actually there?
You might want to use something like this[^] to ensure that your code is run last. But be aware, that jquery api may also change, thus you might need to do a little tweaking. This[^] should also be helpful.
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