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I want to know the difference b/w interface and abstract class.
I know the difference that Interface can't have concrete methods but abstract class can have concrete methods.
Also one class can implement more then one interfaces while it can inherit only one abstract class.

What If I don't have to implement multiple inheritance, neither want to provide default behaviour or my behaviour is changing.
If have pure abstract class(i.e. without any concrete method) and I also have option of using interface, then what is the best to use and why??

Start here: Abstract Class versus Interface[^], then use Google ;)
Abhinav S 7-Aug-13 7:45am
My 5. Nothing better than doing a search.
Maciej Los 7-Aug-13 7:52am
Thank you, Abhinav ;)
Manas Bhardwaj 7-Aug-13 13:58pm
Google is always correct :) +5!
Maciej Los 7-Aug-13 14:53pm
Thank you, Manas ;)
There is tons of information available on the internet and on this site itself.
Maciej Los 7-Aug-13 7:43am
Short and to the point!
Abhinav S 7-Aug-13 7:45am
Thank you.
Manas Bhardwaj 7-Aug-13 13:57pm
That's the way to solve a problem. +5!
Abhinav S 7-Aug-13 22:56pm
Thank you.

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