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how can I send SMS from window form application in c# i registered in nexmo site
there are some security method

HTTP Request[^]
Rabee3-F1.787545 7-Aug-13 13:28pm    
i tried this code and as the site
String url = "{2dc66b7a}&api_secret={0c8e9471}&";
XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument();
// HTTP GET request to Orange API server
// display status of the post
MessageBox.Show("Status: " + xmldoc.SelectSingleNode("/response/status/status_msg").InnerText);
catch (Exception ex)

Rabee3-F1.787545 7-Aug-13 13:29pm    
it returns null reference
Zoltán Zörgő 8-Aug-13 3:09am    
1) I am pretty sure, you don't need { and } around the two keys.
2) Try it first outside your code - with a browser for example (it is working)
I got this one:

<messages count="1">
<errortext>Unroutable message - rejected</errortext>

3) Thank you for sharing your keys with the world.

Have you read their documentation? I doubt.
Try again:[^]... and scroll down at least to the example.
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Manas Bhardwaj 8-Aug-13 2:58am    
Good link +5!
Remove { } from statement, so it will be
String url = "";
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Member 7995900 26-Aug-14 3:00am    
I use it in above format. but it gives <status>6
<errortext>Unroutable message - rejected
Hi dude,

I got it working..

Just remove the { and } before and after the secret_key and the api_key and include "Country code" before the mobile number!! :D

That's it!!
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