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how to type tamil text in textbox .how to make virtual keyboard for tamil ? i am doing one project that needs this. can anyone help me plz..
thanks in advance

JavaScript Virtual Keyboard[^][^]

this may help you to add tamil you have to do certain changes before applying

regards :)
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Aug-13 1:27am    
Not bad, a 5. But the best and pretty easy solution is the one where you can create your own "official" keyboard layout.
Please see my answer: it's really useful.
These are two unrelated questions. You can do both things: create a "real" Tamil keyboard layout for Windows or create a virtual keyboard.

To create and "official" keyboard layout, you can use not very well-known free Microsoft application called Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. Please see:[^].

This is the most preferred way of input. Basically, you can load this application, create a layout, and then compile the project. It will create a standard "setup.exe" file which provides the installation for different instruction-set architectures, depending on what is used in the target system. Then you install and use it. The input languages (say, English/Tamil) can be switched using the standard Windows input language switch via a selectable keyboard shortcut and the system tray icon switch.

Tamil has only 31 character, so the problem can be solved very easily. For languages with more characters (a problem for some Indian languages), it still can be done using additional input methods with keyboard chords and/or dead character input. For those who may be interested, please see my past answer (or just read the documentation on Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator):
Problem in typing in Hindi and english[^].

However, look at the available keyboard layouts from Microsoft, may be you will find one which is good for you. Then just set it up and use. (The one provided by default for my native culture is no good for me, so I have to have my own.)

As to the virtual keyboard, I'm not sure you will need it, if you have a comprehensive solution described above. If you want, you can create a virtual keyboard, but it will require considerable programming qualification. You can take a look at my past answers where I describe the solutions of some most tricky problems of this task for .NET and for C++:
Creating a Virtual Keyboard[^],
Programming on BACKSPACE button[^],
Application focus getting and losing[^],
Accessing data member of 2 MFC application[^],
A software Virtual Keyboard for your WPF apps[^].

As to the JavaScrip (Web based) virtual keyboard: this is also quite possible but will be limited only by Web application. However, it may help to input text for any other software (via Copy/Paste, of course :-)).

I saw many bad ones, and actually the only one which is nearly perfect. Please see this site:[^].

The site is mostly dedicated to support of Russian in all aspects of it, but the principles of JavaScript virtual keyboards are the same. What to do with it? The author of all those keyboards, Paul Gorodyansky, promised everyone to send his JavaScript virtual keyboard in a stand-along form. You can ask him an advice on your problem. If he simply sends to you his code, you can find out how it works and modify it in the way to support Tamil or anything else. However, you of course should inform the author about your intend and ask his permission for such use on some condition (at least the proper attribution). In principle, you can simply download his scripts, but it will be really hard to make it work outside of his site.

This one could also be helpful:[^]. :-)

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Dholakiya Ankit 9-Aug-13 1:44am    
my god !! i am sorry there is 5ed only provided by cd : )
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Aug-13 1:49am    
Thank you, Ankit.
You probably can write in at least one of Indian languages. Did you try the "official" way? I just know from Indian members that many have problem using their languages (even though they are supported by default on most modern OS) because of the keyboard and other problems, so some use transliteration-based and other awkward input methods. This Keyboard Layout Creator really solves the problem...
Dholakiya Ankit 9-Aug-13 1:57am    
no i don't know much about that one can you provide more detail about this one
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Aug-13 2:02am    
What is your question than? If you simply download the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, run it and see the documentation, you will be able to see it all. I highly recommend it if you need to type in your native or any other language in Windows in an official universal way.
Dholakiya Ankit 9-Aug-13 2:08am    
ok get it i have to test it i have done for only one language but not used keyboard layout creator that's why i was asking for more detail for this one

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