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Hello everyone

All I want to do is get a msgbox to show on my application that contains the message that the arduino leonardo sent via serial.

arduino code:

void setup() {

void loop() {

I've heard that you have to do something different with the Leonardo in particular about the handshaking process. :/
Does anyone know of a code that i can use?


1 solution

With aruduino, I am pretty sure you need to use the Serial.writeLN("Hello") Command.

and in you need to find out what comport your arduino is connected to.

then you csn set up a comport connection with serialPort and use that to communicate to the arduino.

here is a link with some serial comunication instructions for
Link to serial communications

Here is one for the Arduino side. LINK
[no name] 11-Aug-13 13:01pm
The arduino link was no help at all, the Com port is COM3. Baud rate=9600. But what code do i use that works with the LEONARDO? it's different to other arduinos.

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