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what is the max. length of the string variable when using in c#

And also tell me the max. Query String Length when using in c#

Plz tell Exact Figure
Updated 12-Oct-20 22:19pm
Keith Barrow 14-Aug-13 9:44am
My vote of 1: This is extremely Googlable information. Google "c# max string length" and there are 1.6 million results

1 solution

The theoretical limit may be 2,147,483,647 chars but the practical limit is nowhere near that. Since no single object in a .Net program may be over 2GB and the string type uses unicode (2 bytes for each character), the best you could do is 1,073,741,823, but you're not likely to ever be able to allocate that on a 32-bit machine.

And,maximum length of Query String depends on browser.Refer..
Maximum length of Query String?[^]
binadi007 14-Aug-13 8:46am
Thankx :)
ridoy 14-Aug-13 9:21am
glad to help you.:)

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