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I am using the vs2008 ReportViewer control, and I'd like to filter the date range on the report by selecting it from (2) DatePicker controls. There are a couple of ways to do it I'm sure, but I would like to write the filter as an expression in the reportviewer designer. How can I target a control(s) on my form to filter the expression through?

Please give sample fragment code. I just need this badly..
Updated 7-Mar-10 23:43pm

Why would you fetch whole lot of data from DB and then apply filter expression on SSRS when you have an option to pass on the date parameters to the query and get back the desired data directly?

Take 2 dates from date control, pass those as query parameters to fetch report data. Display the data (which is based on the 2 dates selected.)
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yap I want that but how to do that pal hehehe
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You can't automatically connect the reportviewer to another control.

You're going to have to edit the actual report to have it accept parameters, pass the parameters into the report, edit the report to use those paramters to narrow down the data in the report, and then reload the report everytime a new date is selected. It would really be better practice, and easier, to do what Sandeep suggested and select the data that falls in that date range and only send that data into the report.

Hope this helps.
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how to do that any fragment code please...
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You can find sample code by searching through code project articles[^] that deal with ReportViewer controls. Or google.[^]
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