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I am doing a project with C# in Bangla. Now when i write a line in Bangla in rich textbox ending with symbol '|'(দাঁড়ি) then the output comes as "[][][]". For example, if i write "আমি ভাত খাই।" then the output comes as "[][][] [][][] [][][]|". But if the end of the sentence does not end with '|' then the output is ok. That is, if i write "আমি ভাত খাই" then the output comes as "আমি ভাত খাই". Then what is the problem of using '|' at the end of the Bangla sentence in rich textbox. Even the use of '|' in textbox does not make any problem.So how can i write a Bangla sentence in rich textbox ending with'|'.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Aug-13 16:46pm
Looks weird. Why would you use RichTextBox though, do you really need it? Anyway, just in case, could you make a complete but extremely simplified code sample, in just one file, to manifest the problem?
When you say "RichTextBox", the question is: which one? Fully-quialified class name, please.
CodeBlack 21-Aug-13 0:42am
can you please try writing "আমি ভাত খাই।" with another controls ? if the same problem exists then i think there should be a problem with the font you have installed.
Bernhard Hiller 21-Aug-13 2:38am
Just to confirm your finding: I copied your sentence into a RichTextBox, then I copied that | and had the same effect! And I saw that the font was changed from Tahoma to Mangal. Changing it back to Tahoma does not help.
Looks like a bug in RichTextBox.

Just like you write Bangla in notepad or MS word.
You may use avro.
Download link:[^]
This problem is there with many Indic scripts, like Gurmukhi, Malayalam etc

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