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I have bulk images in folder and i want copy these file name to excel file
Note, I want only all file name not images..........
Updated 8-Nov-21 2:36am

You can open a command prompt (Run>>cmd.exe) and go to the specified folder C:\> cd folder_path
then type this command...
dir > list.txt

If you want filenames only then add /b after dir

dir /b > list.txt

There will be a file namely list.txt will be created in the folder..
You can open it, and copy-paste to Excel...
Let's say you have a folder, C:\Temp\Images and you want all the JPG files from there in a file C:\Temp\MyFileList.csv, you could simply do this from the command line;
C:\dir C:\Temp\Images *.jpg /b > C:\Temp\MyFileList.csv

Then open that file in Excel.

Now, if you want something a bit more automated than that then you need to specify how that should be done (i.e. using a C# program or running a macro/VBA from inside an already existing spread sheet).

Hope this helps,

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